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DISCOVER MALANG 2018 #Peter - Series 4

Kamis, 09 Agustus 2018 - The experience of Student vietnam during his stay in the city of Malang Visit To Batu Bekung Beach

Malang has many beaches but I highly recommend you visit Batu Bekung Beach. It is very beautiful and there is one beach you can swim here. If you are lucky you can catch the sunset from Batu Bekung Beach. It must be awesome.

These are some places I like the most in Malang. There are many good places inside Malang and Batu city you should visit like Jatim Park, Museum Angkut (the best museum of the world 2017), Desa wisata, ect.

These are some of my experiences about Malang I want to share in 6 weeks living in here. If you want to find a place with comfortable weather, many beautiful destination, friendly people and reasonable living standard, Malang is a good choice. Only by experiencing can you discover many interesting aspects of Malang.

Beside the good experiences, there are also some things I do not like in Malang. There traffic is always busy so you should be patient when coming here because this is an unavoidable problem in a country with high population like Indonesia. The city transportation should be more flexible and popular in the city.

The next thing I will mention is a personal opinion maybe It is not suitable with the local people here. People use a lot of cooking oil, they can fry every foods and I think It is not good for our health.

Finally, Malang is the first place I stay in my first abroad trip, It gives me a lot of unforgettable experiences. I would like to say thank you to my host family who always give the best moments from the first day with everything new in an unfamiliar country until the last days I stay in Malang; thank my Aiesecer friends who always work hard and warmly host me; thank my teammates who are always friendly and supportive; thank Indonesian people who always treat me well.

Hope some of you guys will vistit Vietnam one day!

Author: Peter Ngu Van (Viet Nam National University Student In Hochiminh)
Editor: A-Liem Tan
Publiser: AanNh7