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DISCOVER MALANG 2018 #Peter - Series 3

Rabu, 08 Agustus 2018 - The experience of Student vietnam during his stay in the city of Malang

Mount Bromo - One of the most attractive places you must visit in Malang is Mount Bromo which is still an active volcano. From Malang City, you have to start at the mid night if you don’t want to miss the sunrise. It took me around 3 hours by jeep to get to Bromo from Malang.

That’s is definitely an uncomfortable experience to stay in the Jeep 3 hours on the Bumpy road under the extremely cold weather in Bromo. But I am sure that all comfortable feelings will disappear as soon as you see the awesome view of Bromo at the sunrise. That is the best sunrise scene I have ever seen in my life.

After seeing sunrise you can move to volcano’s mouth to see what’s inside. There are many activities you can try on the desert near the volcano’s mouth like riding horse, riding motorbike… Of course you have to pay for these activities.

Some advices before going to Mount Bromo:
- You have to bring warm clothes because It’s really cold maybe 0 0 C before the sunrise
- Bring some foods and water because there are not many places you can buy it.
- Keep your good heath
- Bring some extra money if you want to ride house or motorbike

Visit to Paralayang

Paralayang is a high hill in Batu. From here you can see the whole Batu and Malang city. That’s a good view to enjoy the city and take photos. One of the most interesting thing you can try in Paralayang is parasailing. Beside parasailing you can also visit the wood houses.

The wood houses in Batu City

Author: Peter Ngu Van (Viet Nam National University Student In Hochiminh)
Editor: A-Liem Tan
Publiser: AanNh7