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DISCOVER MALANG 2018 #Peter - Series 2

Selasa, 07 Agustus 2018 - About the Indonesian foods, I am quite satisfied with the food here. I did not set high expectation about Indonesian food when I was still in Vietnam because my friends who visited Indonesia said that ‘’Don’t expect about delicious foods in Indonesia. It’s too spicy for you to eat and main flavor is different from Vietnamese foods’’.

That’s the reason why I bring a lot of instant noodle and snack from Vietnam LOL. I eat with my host family and luckily my mama cooks very well, especially not very spicy. There are many foods I like but cannot remember the name of them all. The two dishes I like the most are sambel and Bakso, I am learning to make it before being back to Vietnam.

The main transportation I use in Malang is motorbike with Gojek. It’s cheaper than that in Vietnam and so luckily many Gojek drivers can speak English. The drivers as well as Indonesian people I have met are really friendly and welcomed foreigner. I really love that. I feel they are always willing to talk and teach me many interesting things in Malang when realizing that I am not an Indonesian.

There is an interesting experience at the first time I use Gojek is that the drivers usually call me, I was quite embarrassed and denied the call and texted them ‘’Pick me at this location, sorry I cannot speak Bahasa’’. The traffic in Malang is much busier than in that in Vietnam

but I feel more safe than in Vietnam because the drivers here are patient and there are many voluntary traffic instructors on the roads.

About beautiful destinations in Malang, I work in ‘’Discover Malang’’ project that’s why I have chances to visit almost the well-known destinations of Malang. I discovered from the beaches to mountains and realized that Malang has a variety of destinations for tourism. (Ngu Van)

Author: Peter Ngu Van (Viet Nam National University Student In Hochiminh)
Editor: A-Liem Tan
Publiser: AanNh7