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Tubing Tour In Malang

Rabu, 25 Juli 2018

AlimMustofa.com - Who does not want to take a tour when there is a holiday opportunity, let alone every day busy with heavy work activities and make the mind stress. Surely everyone in this day and age, eager to travel off tired on holiday with family.

Even tourism or holiday habits are running in all circles of society, from middle to high class. Of course, many tourist options that can be enjoyed by tourists with families spend time on Sundays or holidays.

Yes ... Now the middle of a trend in the community is Rafting or Rafting and Tubing. Tubing is a water sport activity where one person rides a tire sliding freely down the stream. Tubing is not only sought by young people, fathers and even mothers do not want to lose about the affairs of tubing.

Well ... now has been present river tubbing tour in Wates Hamlet, Wonomulyo Village Kec.Poncokusumo Malang distric East Java. The tours managed by the village-owned enterprises are growing rapidly. Moreover, this tour presents a very amazing sensation for visitors.
The swift flow of the river is quite challenging andrenalin tourists, crossing every rocks that lined rivers in every riverbank in the village wonomulyo.

There are two tubing packages offered at Wisata di Ledeng park, trip 1 package with route as far as 2.5 km, and trip 2 along route 3.5 km. this package is complete with free documentation facility, one meal, Ndeso snack, typical village warm drink and pickup transportation.

Arras (6-year-old) is the youngest participant in this group, he is very comfortable following all the paths through the swift stream of rocky river. when asked, are you afraid? he said no daddy, I'm not afraid even I like.

We with 8 people finally ventured to try this steep track, though the heart a little hesitant but we still plunge. Wow ... the feeling is floating as it slips along with the falling river water. Extraordinary...
Interested? .. there is an interesting promo offered this april, only 75K / pack already include everything you know. Do not forget to children are also guaranteed safe to join tubing. Because it has been provided special lane children with tariff 30K / pack for once touring.(A-Liem Tan) For reservations can contact: 085 233 110 753 / 08223199940 or 081230925400. visit also Instragam at: LedengPark

Author/Editor: A-Liem Tan
Publiser: AanmNH7