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Minggu, 23 Juni 2024

Areal Goa Pindul Gunung Kidul Jawa Tengah, on june 2018


By, Alim Mustofa - No matter how clear water must flow, because that is its nature, if water stays shackled in a puddle, it will be cloudy, rot, damaged and useless.

Natural processes must be travelled through and enjoyed as sunnatullah, nature has determined its own cycles and laws without humans having to agree or disagree.

Similarly, humans, as social creatures, must also relate to each other in the sense of relationships in living life, meaning that humans depend on each other. Humans cannot be isolated in themselves, if that happens it will certainly rot in thought, rot in logic, rot in rationality.

The decay of logic, rationality and reason makes humans lost, the water that settles and decays will be dumped by humans.(*)

Editor: Alim Mustofa